Seasons Greeting pack for child sponsors

The brief was to create a Season’s Greetings DM pack suitable for sponsored children in developing communities of all genders, ages and cultures. The pack was sent to sponsors, which would then be sent on to their sponsor child. 

The design gave children of all ages the props to re-create their own family, or make one up, using simple, cut-out finger puppets. A colourful sticker collection invited children to personalise their characters and transform their fingers into anything they wanted. This pack was about celebrating different families and enriching our connection with the special people in our lives through imaginative play. 

To add to the fun and inspire the children to get their finger puppets moving, an optional gift was developed - a Finger Soccer game with a field, two goal posts and an insert that could be used to create a scrunched-up paper ball. By making an additional donation, sponsors could add this bonus gift to the pack. 

Whilst staying within budget, this campaign created an uplift that was attributable to the creativity and inventiveness of the new design.

This project was made with Marlin Communications.


ChildFund, Marlin Communications


Art Director and Illustrator


Design, Illustration